Can I have vertically aligned subscript and superscript with Word or LibreOffice?

The Arithmetical Hierarchy is an example where one in mathematics uses aligned subscripts and superscripts. When writing in Latex I e.g. write $\Pi^1_1$ to talk about a certain class of formulas. How can I achieve this in Word or LibreOffice?


Yes it’s certainly possible with LibreOffice.

In LibreOffice Writer, click Insert > Object > Formula

In the window that opens at the bottom type in the formula as follows


Here’s a screen shot
Screen shot of inserting Formula

LibreOffice also comes with a separate Math application, which can also be used to create formulas. There’s further documentation here on the using formulas in Math in LibreOffice

Source : Link , Question Author : Sapiens , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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