Can I increase the thickness of an outlined path in Illustrator?

I have downloaded some SVG icons from the web which are all outlined paths. In Illustrator I would like to make those paths thicker. Is there a way to do this? I know when a line is still in stroke-mode you can just adjust the size of the stroke, but once this has been converted to outlines I don’t know if this is still possible?


Yes, you can make the outlined path thicker. Simplest way is to just apply a stroke on the outlines. This will then be added to your stroke (so remember it needs to be 1/2 the additional weight you need). Closed outlines may need this done to both sides.

A bit more cleaner way would be to offset the outline. I suggest using Effect → Path → Offset Path… as its nondestructive so you can change your mind later (as opposed to Object → Path → Offset Path…). You can then later expand this if you need to bake the effect in.

Offset path

Image 1: Offset the path to create thicker (for thinner use negative values) outlines.

It is also possible to reduce the outlined stroke back to a stroke. To do this measure the distance between the outlines and then delete the other side and offset by half the distance. This is slightly less work for closed paths as you dont need to clean up after yourself.

enter image description here

Image 2: Reversing the expanded path back to a stroke.

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