Can I lock vector art EPS10 files to avoid editing?

I read somewhere that it is possible to save an illustrator file as a .eps file and have no layer editing options? So the art is scaleable but not editable?

I have tried but can’t seem to find anything? Did I misread and this isn’t possible and all .eps single layer files are editable i.e. change colour scheme and alter original vector design.

I don’t know if i’m am missing something really obvious but if someone could help explain the process and offer any help, I would greatly appreciated it. Thanks.

Just to clarify I am currently working in Illustrator CS5.


You can not “lock” Illustrator files. Any vector art is always edit able to a degree. You can purposely expand and flatten artwork to make editing difficult, but you can not prevent all editing.

Source : Link , Question Author : Hunter , Answer Author : Scott

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