Can I reduce the thickness of any traced object without losing dimensions?

This circle is a traced object. I want to make it half thinner but I don’t want to lose the dimensions. Also there is fill color and no stroke, how can I make it thinner?

enter image description here


I guess with outlined you mean traced, if this is the case:

  • Make a ring (red in the image), a single circle width a white stroke as thick as the desired width, centered to the original image

  • Apply a smooth Roughen Effect to this ring


  • Add a 100% black square frame and send it back
  • Select both shapes and got to Menu Edit > Cut


  • Select the original shape, and from the Transparency Panel click Make Mask
  • Uncheck Clip
  • Click the right square at the Transparency Panel to activate the mask area
  • Paste in front : Cmd + F Mac or Ctrl + F Win


  • Click the left square at the Transparency Panel to activate the editing area





Source : Link , Question Author : Muhammad Ahmad , Answer Author : Community

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