Can I set 1 group to be in the middle of the artboard without changing the position of the object in illustrator?

When I design a calendar in Illustrator, I create lots of groups consisting of numbers. I grouped by month. When pressing center on the alignment button, all objects are centered, not by group. How do I center all groups?
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Simply Group things – as in the Illustrator command to Group. – Select all the objects for a single month and choose Object > Group from the menu.

When using the align features, Groups are seen as a single object and will be aligned as such.

So… Group Jan, then group Feb, then Mar, then Apr, etc. You can then choose to align the months, as a whole, to each other.

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From your images.. the first image appears as though nothing was technically Grouped (in Illustrator terms).

Here’s a link explaining how Groups work in Illustrator. It May be helpful:

Source : Link , Question Author : tukang donlod , Answer Author : Scott

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