Can I use Illustrator to import text data and populate text boxes?

I have a long list of organizations in one column in my csv. I would like to populate separate text boxes within one Illustrator file with this data. These text boxes are not in a table, but in a radial shape.

Variables only seem to pluck one entry per iteration of the file.

Is there a way to write a script that iterates through one column, pulling in one entry per text box, in the same document?

enter image description here

I just want to start at the top of the circle, working my way around, each box gets the next name in the column.


Possibly doable using Adobe’s ExtendScript Toolkit to create a JS-powered automation script to pull the data from the CSV and apply it as needed inside Illustrator. But this is beyond my Illustrator-fu. Check out to see how you might be able to accomplish this.

Source : Link , Question Author : kat , Answer Author : bemdesign

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