Can I use recolor artwork feature in Ai to get this result (swap color of objects)?

See the image below. I need to do this thing. If you see, the positions of hands and diamonds are same in both parts, but there colors are swapped. I did this manually by picking each of them and moving here and there.

But I faced a problem with this. 1st it’s really time consuming. Secondly, the final height and width of whole group (Highlighted by red boxes) becomes slightly different. I need same position of each individual object and whole group, so that they can be placed on over other exactly.

So I learned about recolor artwork feature. But I couldn’t figure it how to use it and if it’s even possible.

Can it be done with recolor artwork keeping the same colors but swapped? If yes, I would like to know how.

NOTE: Each individual object is a vector. There are many objects in each object with different shades of same color. (See image 2)

Image 1
Image 2


My first recommendation is to clean up your file, you are using 24 different colors for three simple objects with the same color and different tonal values.

With this, you can always use different Symbols and replace them.

In this example there are just two colors and the illustration is made duplicating symbols:

enter image description here

Then, copy just two symbols and edit the colors to change them. Once done, paste the original symbols. Copy two of the new color symbols and repeat the process:

enter image description here

You will have all the symbols the same color but a symbol library to replace them: select a symbol at the illustration, a symbol at the Symbols Panel and from the Symbols Panel Menu choose > Replace Symbol


replace symbol

Source : Link , Question Author : Vikas , Answer Author : Community

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