Can I use the image of a copyrighted character in my commercial design?

I started working on my own designs to sell and had someone come and asked me if I could put a classic Winnie the Pooh image in my design.

I am selling the whole piece to this customer, but can I sell it to them if I put the Winnie the Pooh image on the poster?

I was going to purchase the image on Etsy but I know that it’s copyrighted so I’m not sure if I’m able to do that.


There is a lot of very valuable information on the comments, so I summarized them (very shortly) here to keep this question from being marked as unanswered.

Winnie The Pooh is a Disney copyrighted character, and as such can’t be used for commercial purposes without acquiring the proper rights for it. The images available on Etsy that you mention, even if they say they are for personal use, are infringing the law.

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(mandatory) Note: I am not a lawyer.

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