Can Illustrator use a clipping path from a jpg created in Photoshop?

I have images created in Photoshop that have a clipping path around the main part of the image and are saved as jpg. When I open these jpg files in InDesign, the image is clipped using the stored clipping path.

When I pull the same file into Illustrator, the background also shows, as if there was no clipping path in the file. Is there an Illustrator setting or some other way to relatively easily get the jpg’s Photoshop clipping path to clip the image inside Illustrator without finagling each of these jpg images I import into Illustrator?

I know saving as eps from Photoshop will allow Illustrator to access the saved clipping path, but for several reasons I want to use jpg instead of eps if at all possible, but still have the jpg image clipped inside of Illustrator.

I’m aware of techniques to port a Photoshop path over to Illustrator and use it to mask a raster image, but the reason for me hoping there’s something as simple as an option in Illustrator to access the stored path is for the sake of avoiding any workarounds and to save that time.

I’m using Mac OS X El Capitan and the very latest versions of Adobe Creative Cloud apps.


JPG images can not store any transparency or clip info at all. You need to review what are you doing.

JPG, PNG, PDF are output formats, this is, formats that other aplications will recognize, but try to stay with the native’s aplication file formats as much as you can, in this case use PSD, because all Adobe aplications will, not only recognize it, but take advantages of its features.

Another format that you could use to keep transparencies is TIF, but only if you are using alpha, selection or masks; not for clip paths. The same with PNG, but TIF can store CMYK files, which I presume you need in InDesign. PNG can only store RGB color mode.

EPS is a very old file format. Try to avoid it using PDF instead, but if you need it, yes, it will store a Clip Path.

Source : Link , Question Author : nollaf126 , Answer Author : Rafael

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