Can not manually change the permalink of a post in the EDIT secion

I have my site using a custom permalink structure, specifically category/post.

Recently I noticed, once in the actual edit page interface I was unable to use the “EDIT” feature for the permalinks (i.e. the ones that are displayed under the post title.)

I logged in using a different browser and it worked the first time I hit edit, then after that it stopped again. I am wondering if this is a JavaScript issue? Maybe a plugin problem?

I can not edit the date option either on the top right either.

Anybody have this issue?


It’s not possible to use the same permalink for different pages, but WordPress won’t give you a error message detailing this when editing a permalink. It just silently fails.

This could be the case here? Confusing; pages in ‘Trash’ still count…

Source : Link , Question Author : Driftwood , Answer Author : Wietse Venema

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