Can Photoshop be used for vector purposes?

Usually vectors are only created in vector-based programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, with some limited support for drawing vectors in programs like Adobe Fireworks and Flash.

However, can Photoshop be used for vector purposes? Would it be optimal to do all your vector-based image creation there, for example, considering that it might be later on used in the project in a web design layout?


Photoshop has support for vectors, or as it calls them ‘paths’

There is a pen tool for drawing paths freeform, text tool, shape tools and selection tools for editing previously laid paths.

Once you have a path laid you can fill it with a colour or apply layer effects to it non destructively.

So the basics are there, but Illustrator and other programs have much more advanced tools for editing those vectors. Also photoshop only outputs as its own psd format or a flat image. The only way you can export paths to another program is as an illustrator file.

So for simple things or if that’s the only program you have access to, go for it! You might find yourself in Illustrator never using any of the features that PS doesn’t have. But once you really get into the things you can do with Illustrator it’s hard to go back!

Source : Link , Question Author : JFW , Answer Author : Damon

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