Can RGB screen color exist in real physical world?

For example the bright royal blue color; R0 G10 B220, HEX: #000ae1. I know this color cannot be printed nor painted. But can this blue color exist in the real world other than on a digital screen? For example the aurora in the sky, or a rainbow in the sky?


You may wonder if there exists a material or non-electric light which looks the same as the said RGB screen blue. Of course that’s perfectly possible.

In the beginning there’s of course the blue cobalt glass. White seen through it is that quite high chromaticity blue. I guess you expected something less obvious than simple blue filtering. Here are some:

1: A natural crystal, water or diamond can act as prism which splits sunlight. With some lucky accident just the right wavelength could reach your eye and otherwise there is darkness due just as lucky screening obstacles. This way your eye can get the right excitation for the wanted sensation. You, the sun, a crystal and a hole in a wall just in right places.

2: There are self-illuminating materials. All of them actually are not self illuminating, they absorb other wavelengths which generate excited states into the electron structure of the material. As the time goes, the excited states collapse and radiation is transmitted. I can swear I have seen this color when I watched a black theatre show in Prague as a tourist. There strong ultraviolet lamps were used to create normally impossible light effects.

3: Strong radioactive radiation generates blue light in the water. Marie Curie noticed it 100 years ago in her Radium solutions. Pavel Cherenkov got his Nobel worthy ideas when watching the same phenomena.

4: Crime investigators in a tv-series seem to have some blood detecting spray which glows just that blue if there’s blood. That’s not imagination. The spray has chemical which is known as Luminol. It glows blue if there’s present certain oxidization process starting materials. Blood is one of them. The chemical reaction makes the blue light.

5: In theory, hopefully not in practice we could see a cosmic item which reflects sunlight. This one approaches with velocity so high that the doppler shift makes it blue.

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