Can you control Photoshop with external software?

I want to write a program that changes the foreground color, selected tool, etc. without having to use things like macros and actions. I’m developing on Windows. Any ideas or resources?


Photoshop has a VBScript API on windows, more correctly it is a COM API. Which can be programmed in any COM aware language. So C#, C++, Python, any version of Visual Basic, windows own JavaScript engine, PowerShell… Basically almost any language that has full on windows bindings. This mostly leaves out Java runtime based languages (although a COM bridge is available if you have a lot of extra cash lying around.)

Since the COM API can set the foreground color with Application.ForegrounColor, no problems whatsoever. Need to call form your app? Use COM. Need to attach to exel? Use use COM.

This is way more simpler than working with sockets, but has the downside of ONLY working on Windows. The c++ API is meant to let Photoshop eat your application not the other way around while the COM bridge is just a fancy way of handling inter process communication in a way that generates the needed API automatically on the fly.

Source : Link , Question Author : Joseph Massaro , Answer Author : joojaa

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