Can you re-number the order of artboards in Illustrator CS4?

I use illustrator with multiple artboards to design website layouts. Often I start at the beginning (what I think is the beginning at the time) and get 15 pages deep. Then I realize that I need to add another page at the beginning. I want this page to be page 1. Is this possible to do without physically moving all the elements in a page one by one?


It is possible in CS5.1 – late response but was looking for another answer and stumbled on this question.

In the Artboards panel (Ctrl + SHIFT + O) you can re order the artboards listed by dragging a row up or down to the required position. This renumbers the artboards. Great for the purposes of exporting, no more reordering pdf pages each time.

enter image description here

Artboards are given a default name reflecting the initial number but this is just a label – you can rename an artboard either when the artboard tool is active by clicking the label of the actual artboard or using artboards panel options menu.

Moving them around so that they are visually ordered is a bit of a pain – you can use the artboard tool to move them which best done zoomed out but if you stop dragging while over another artboard it will pick up all art work that is under it when you start dragging again (Ctrl + Z to the rescue).

Artboards can also be positioned while the artboard tool is active using the transform panel.

Hope this helps.

Source : Link , Question Author : Hailey , Answer Author : ckpepper02

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