Can’t change color of individual segments of EPS in Illustrator

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I have the image above as an EPS file. What I want to do is apply color to the segments with different colors. I’m in Illustrator and have never run across this issue with an EPS file. So far I’ve tried the following:

  • I can’t even count the number of times I’ve selected the image and
    hit Ungroup, but that hasn’t helped.
  • When I double-click on a
    segment with the Selection Tool, Illustrator takes me into something
    called Isolation Mode. It allows me to select individual sections and
    move, delete, or otherwise manipulate just that segment, but not to
    apply a different color to it.
  • When I click on a segment with the Direct Selection Tool, it automatically selects all of the segments in the image. It won’t let me isolate an individual segment.
  • I’ve also tried to copy and paste
    segments and apply the color to the copy, but that doesn’t work.

Everything I’ve tried so far has failed. With each, whenever I try to apply color to an individual segment, Illustrator applies the color to the whole image.

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!


Source : Link , Question Author : ldlpdx , Answer Author : Community

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