Can’t figure out how to snap object to grid

I am learning Illustrator right now, and I follow this Adobe guide to learn how to create pixel-aligned objects.

The problem is that I seem to do everything as described in the guide, but regardless option ‘Allign new objects to pixel grid’ set to true at document creation, I still have to manually check checkbox ‘Allign to Pixel Grid’ at Object Transform panel for each object I create, as it comes unchecked by default for newly created objects.

Why don’t Illustrator automatically aligns my object as specified at document creation?


If you are creating Rectangles, Ellipses etc they are “Live Shapes” that do not, for reasons unknown, heed the setting “Align new objects to pixel grid”.

I’ve become irritated with the same problem as you today and asked about it here:
Illustrator CC: Align to pixel grid is on but to no effect

I’m currently using the solution with creating a 1 px grid and it works OK, but not in conjuction with “Smart guides” feature. I think Illustrator is lacking severely in the grids/snapping department and greatly prefer Sketch from Bohemian Coding for the design I’m doing these days. But that is Mac only, and I’m tied to a Windows computer at work.

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