Can’t fill areas of a purchased vector image

I purchased a vector image from but I cannot fill some of the areas on it.

This is the image I purchased:

What happens is when I set a fill it only makes an outline of the triangle.
I want to put a fill color on the inside triangles (the ones with gray border).

When I try to fill it this is what happens:


Stock vector artwork is often all outlined; which means all strokes, or “outlines” have been converted to filled shapes, so anything that isn’t already filled can’t be filled simply by setting a color on an object; you need to manually fill it somehow…

The easiest way to do that in Illustrator is probably with the Shape Builder tool…

  1. Select the object which you want fill the empty spaces of,
  2. Activate the Shape Builder tool,
  3. Choose the color you want to fill with,
  4. Click each area you want to fill…

A few notes on the Shape Builder tool;

  • It will, by default, only detect closed spaces, so if there are gaps it won’t be able to create the shape to fill. You can double click the icon in the toolbar and enable “Gap Detection” to give you a bit of leeway here but it’s best to try and start of with closed areas to begin with.

  • The tool only works on the object that are currently selected, so if you have multiple overlapping shapes, make sure the correct objects are selected (your artwork has distinct foreground and background shapes for example, so only select and work on one at a time).

Source : Link , Question Author : Dave Manuel , Answer Author : Cai

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