Captcha-like font

I’m looking for a font that reminds of a captcha without being too difficult to read. It has to be available from google web fonts though.

Does anyone have any good tips?

Edit: It doesn’t have to have a real captcha functionality. I’m making a game where a font like this would fit very well.

So basically, a font that reminds the user of a captcha, without being exhaustive to read over long periods. And available on google-fonts.


I’m not sure what you mean by “captcha-like”, since there are plenty of different looking CAPTCHAs out there. If you want something like the barely readable scanned text from reCAPTCHA, you could try some “old typewriter” fonts, like Mom’s Typewriter by Christoph Mueller, which I found here on by Googling for “rough typewriter font”:


Of course, you could also just find some crappy scanned old documents and make your own font in FontForge — after all, it’s not like the result needs to be of particularly high quality.

Source : Link , Question Author : justanotherhobbyist , Answer Author : Ilmari Karonen

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