Capture clean Retina screenshot of web page without post production

How can I take a screenshot of a web page on a MacBook Pro with Retina Display (rMBP) that:

  • Is at a reproducible size
  • Looks sharp on Retina displays
  • Without any browser chrome / accouterments showing
  • Without having to do any manual cropping or other post-production

In the past I’ve used Awesome Screenshot, but that browser extension has unfortunately fallen out of date. On my rMBP, it completely fouls up under Safari and captures low res shots in Google Chrome. (As of now Awesome Screenshot is at v. 1.3.7 for Safari and 3.3.7 for Chrome.)

I ask because I have to take several shots, and update them periodically, so I need a straightforward workflow.



LittleSnapper is awesome. I’m 90% sure it works with Retina display Macs, but I don’t have any way to confirm.


Paparazzi is pretty old, but free. So you could give that a shot first. I don’t know how well it’ll handle Retina screenshots though.


You could also take full screen Safari (or other web browser) screenshots, then batch process to crop and merge. Depending on what you’re trying to do, that may be easy or quite difficult.


If you’re just needing to crop images, OS X’s Automator is free, quick and easy to use.

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