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I need to do mood board for the project with specific cartoon art style like on this img: this img but I can’t figure out, what to type in the search. Is it some old cartoons from specific time period? It has some elements of it. Or maybe graffiti? It has some sloppiness too. I met this art style before, it was popular in 90s, I think. I need more of this and will be greatful for any help here(


I’m not quite clear what you’re looking for as cartoon illustrations have had similar styles to what you posted throughout the decades; however, one notable artist for vintage Santa Cruz skateboards was Jim Phillips.

Jim’s artwork is very popular. One of the most iconic pieces is a hand with a mouth in its palm.

For other phrases, consider:

  • retro skate art
  • rip grip art

Source : Link , Question Author : Eide , Answer Author : vol7ron

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