How many milliseconds do “slow”, “normal”, and “fast” represent in jQuery?

jQuery allows use of the string values “slow”, “normal”, and “fast” in animations (e.g.: $(‘#example’).fadeOut(‘slow’);). How many milliseconds do each of these values represent? Answer 600, 400 and 200, respectively “slow”, “normal”, “fast”. All in the docs AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Matt Huggins , Answer Author : dylanjha

“Monad transformers more powerful than effects” – Examples?

The paper “Programming and reasoning with algebraic effects and dependent types” by Edwin C. Brady on effects in Idris contains the (unreferenced) claim that: Although [effects and monad transformers] are not equivalent in power — monads and monad transformers can express more concepts — many common effectful computations are captured. What examples are there that … Read more

jQuery “blinking highlight” effect on div?

I’m looking for a way to do the following. I add a <div> to a page, and an ajax callback returns some value. The <div> is filled with values from the ajax call, and the <div> is then prepended to another <div>, which acts as a table column. I would like to get the user’s … Read more

jQuery slide left and show

I extended the jQuery effects called slideRightShow() and slideLeftHide() with a couple functions that work similarly to slideUp() and slideDown() as seen below. However, I would also like to implement slideLeftShow() and slideRightHide(). I know there are substantial libraries that offer this type of thing (I’d like to avoid adding another large set of javascript … Read more

jQuery using append with effects

How can I use .append() with effects like show(‘slow’) Having effects on append doesn’t seem to work at all, and it give the same result as normal show(). No transitions, no animations. How can I append one div to another, and have a slideDown or show(‘slow’) effect on it? Answer Having effects on append won’t … Read more

Remove RecyclerView scroll effects

I have two RecyclerView inside my NavigationDrawer. Both have the blue scroll effects. How can I remove this effect in both RecyclerViews? I tried changing: mRecyclerView.setHasFixedSize(true); to false, but it remove scroll effects. (What is the effect of this method?) Answer Add this to your layout: android:overScrollMode=”never” So: < android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”match_parent” android:overScrollMode=”never” android:background=”#FFFFFF” android:scrollbars=”vertical” /> … Read more

Adobe Illustrator layer target button

In the following simple artwork, the top most stroke and fill are selected. in the layers panel, the target button is filled for the selected artwork due to additional stroke and fill. Now if I drag and delete the filled target button from the layers panel, the button gets blank and the bottom most stroke … Read more