What are the major performance hitters in AS3 aside from rendering vectors?

In ActionScript 3, using vector graphics is a guaranteed way to cause massive damage to the performance of your project. Using a single Bitmap for all graphics by using .copyPixels() through its BitmapData object in place of all vector graphics will yield a ridiculous performance boost and is essential for people like myself developing games … Read more

What is so evil about a Flash based website?

I have the feeling that Flash-based ( or Silverlight-based) websites are generally frowned upon, except when you are creating games or multimedia-content rich applications. Why this is so? Answer Flash is infamous for its poor accessibility. Keyboard navigation does not usually work, and Flash (up until recently) did not have search engine support. Flash applications … Read more

differences between using wmode=”transparent”, “opaque”, or “window” for an embedded object on a webpage

when embedding a Flash object with the <object> and <embed> tag, there is an attribute called wmode. It seems that most of the time, wmode=”transparent” is the same as wmode=”opaque” as the Flash doesn’t actually have any transparent color so that the bottom HTML element is to be shown. As a result, opaque should be … Read more

Can someone post a well formed crossdomain.xml sample?

I’ve been reading that Adobe has made crossdomain.xml stricter in flash 9-10 and I’m wondering of someone can paste me a copy of one that they know works. Having some trouble finding a recent sample on Adobe’s site. Answer This is what I’ve been using for development: <?xml version=”1.0″ ?> <cross-domain-policy> <allow-access-from domain=”*” /> </cross-domain-policy> … Read more

What is Adobe Flex? Is it just Flash II?

Question Alright, I’m confused by all the buzzwords and press release bingo going on. What is the relationship between flash and flex: Replace flash (not really compatible) Enhance flash The next version of flash but still basically compatible Separate technology altogether ??? If I’m starting out in Flash now, should I just skip to Flex? … Read more

How can I detect if Flash is installed and if not, display a hidden div that informs the user?

How can I use javascript/jQuery/etc to detect if Flash is installed and if it isn’t, display a div that contains information informing the user that they need to install flash? Answer If swfobject won’t suffice, or you need to create something a little more bespoke, try this: var hasFlash = false; try { hasFlash = … Read more