Copy/Paste image with transparent alpha layer into illustrator

I often go to Google Images, search for something interesting and do right-click/copy-image then in illustrator I paste it. Unfortunately when the image has a transparent background, this background is replaced with an ugly black color. I know one solution would be to go to Photoshop, but it is cumbersome… Is there a way to … Read more

How do you “Set Transparent Color” in Adobe Illustrator?

I have a graphic logo which is a series of overlapping shapes, where all are filled white. See below: I want to set the white color transparent everywhere it appears in the graphic without revealing what is behind each shape. If I try with the general method of setting transparency to 0%, I see all … Read more

Illustrator: Grain effect goes outside the edge of the shape

I’m having some issues with the grain texture. I achieved the effect I wanted (gradient on a shape with grain texture) but the grain goes outside of the shape a bit. The problem is most noticeable in the circle but I tried many shapes and it persists. I did this: Duplicated the shape and placed … Read more

How to erase a part of a path without altering the stroke’s prior design in Illustrator?

I want to erase a part of a path while maintaining the stroke’s original look. My chosen stroke is the first one BELOW [Uniform]. I’m new and just a week in at illustrator. This is my very first logo design. I haven’t added the missing parts from the sketch though but it can wait. As … Read more

Expanding blended strokes in Illustrator

My question is different than this question. I have created a design with blended lines: And now I would like each of the intermediate steps between the two base strokes to become a stroke as well. “Flatten transparency” doesn’t work, because it only converts some lines, and it converts them to outlines so I have … Read more

What version of Adobe Illustrator do I need to downsave my files to (for customers) in order for all versions to be compatible?

I am busy designing illustrations in Adobe Illustrator for a customer, and they have kindly asked me to save my illustrator files so it is compatible with all versions, and they don’t run into any problems. I would just like to know which version I should save it as? The options are: CS6, CS5, CS4, … Read more

maintaining stroke proportions along length of a curved path in Illustrator

I’m attempting in Illustrator to generate a series of images with 6 elements and to maintain their proportions along straight and curved paths. I have a path that represents a segment of an ellipse, and I’ve retrieved the length of the curved path from Document Info and calculated the length of each element in proportion … Read more