macOS How to save photos with adjustments to Finder?

Q: In I have stored images with adjustments. How can I back them up non-destructively to the Finder? The adjustments were applied exclusively with the built-in in iOS 10 and iOS 11. They include image crop, image rotation and color adjustments. Copying from iPhone to Mac works fine Copying photos from an iOS … Read more

Apple Photos “paused” synching since update to High Sierra

Since updating to High Sierra, Apple Photos has stopped syncing photos, claiming that I’m “not connected to the Internet”: So no recent photos are available on my Mac, and there’s apparently nothing I can do about it. What’s the point of this behavior and how do I fix it? (Meanwhile, since an update to iOS … Read more

MacOS Photos on Mac mini does not import/see all photos from iPhones

When I connect my iPhone SE to MacOS Photos, not all photos on the iPhone shows up for import. In MacOS Photos import, it says: Already Imported (483 items) New Items (4 items) and on the iPhone SE, it says: 1.220 Photos, 40 Videos Setup: Mac mini (Late 2014, macOS Sierra 10.12.6 (16G1036)) with iCloud … Read more

How to upload photos from iPhone to iCloud Storage without being “managed” by sync?

I’m not sure why I can’t seem to find a simple answer to this question online, but here’s what I’m trying to accomplish. I have 9.5GB of photos and videos on my iPhone that I want to back up to cloud storage. I am interested in using iCloud Storage for the simple fact that I … Read more