Is the Photos To Disk third party app still available?

I want to convert a photoslibrary file to a system of folders corresponding to Photos events with jpg images instead of the Apple Photos format. An earlier thread (started by Manchineel) said that Photos to Disk can do this, but the link given ( says the link is gone and the website is expired. … Read more

How to create an automator workflow/application to delete jpeg when raw exist

I have approx 1 terabyte of Canon CR2 images in 40 sub-folders, some with matching jpeg and some just jpeg. I want to delete all jpegs that have a matching corresponding raw .cr2 file. I would like to mac automator or a script to run through terminal. I tried some scripts found on but … Read more

iPhone 12 to Mac photo transfer

I am trying to transfer some christmas photos from my iPhone to my Mac via airdrop but after the photos are downloaded on my Mac, around 80% of them are transferring as damaged or corrupt files and unable to be opened with any application (I tried different programs). Its a new iPhone 12 and all … Read more

How to know which person needs new picture confirmations in Apple Photos

I love the face detection in Apple Photos, but it is a bit frustrating to never know which Person has been updated and needs confirmation. Currently, I always have to go through each one and even then, sometimes there is a clear “Review” option that appears in a banner at the top, but sometimes there … Read more

How to automatically store photos clicked on iPhone 11 to a specific folder?

Android phones usually have an option where all the photos clicked on the camera go to a separate folder. How do achieve this (or something similar) on iPhone? All my pictures and videos from any source (camera, whatsapp, etc) just get dumped in one folder called “Recents” in the “Photos” app. It just drives me … Read more

Album created in Mac Big Sur’s Photos app not appearing in iPhone Photos app

I have created an album in the Mac’s Photos app. Uploaded photos to that album (taken from Digital Camera). But I neither see photos nor album in my iPhone’s photos app. How to make the newly created album with photos appear on the iPhone. I see iCloud photos syncing is enabled in both iPhone and … Read more