Why does Chrome have much better performance in rendering 3D graphics than Safari?

I used the models in this website to test the performance of my computer to render 3D graphics, and I found that dragging a 3D model is very choppy in Safari, while in Chrome it’s much more fluid. I know little about how a computer works, but I’m curious about the reason for this difference. … Read more

Changing the default screenshot filename

Is there a way to change the default screenshot filename prefix (the Cmd-Shift-4 type screenshot) to something other than the default? The default name looks like this: Screen Shot 2011-08-30 at 10.01.36 AM.png But I’d prefer to use something like: screenshot_2011-08-30_100136.png Basically so I can remove the spaces and junk, since it’s annoying to browse … Read more

Save PDF file as a single image

I would like to create an automator that converts each page to an image, combines all the images vertically and finally saves the result as an image. I don’t know how to combine the images. Could someone guide me through this? Input: Multiple page PDF Output: Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : 01000110 … Read more

Graphical bug during the logging after installing Mojave

I recently installed Mojave on my MacBook Pro 2017, and I encounter a graphical bug which is, if not hindering, still annoying. When I boot the Mac and enter my password at the login screen, the usual white bar appears underneath my avatar and keeps on charging until approximately the middle, where the charging becomes … Read more

What would cause graphic glitches like this? (pics attached)

I have a 2015 15″ MBP fully maxed out – GPU, i7, 1TB, running fresh High Sierra install. I’ve been having a ton of problems with it throttling (Intel SpeedStep kicking in) even under less than heavy usage. Recently the screen started freaking out, and I managed to capture video of it on my phone … Read more

Looking for a very simple image viewer for usage of viewing graphic design previews

Ive been looking for a program, that I can use to preview design outputs. On windows Photofiltre used to do it all very fast, but sadly it is for windows only. So Im looking for very simple (fast) UI, that really only needs following features: Eyedropper / Color picker Dimensions tool for measuring (in pixels) … Read more

Problem importing images into iMovie 10

I’ve recently encountered an issue importing images into iMovie 10 on some of our computers. The machines are running High Sierra and iMovie 10.1.6. On effected units, some imported images appear as a black box with a small portion of the image appearing in the upper left corner of the box. On other (apparently identical) … Read more

How can I enable graphics on local macOS from remote Linux using SSH?

host: Ubuntu 64-bit local: macOS 10.13 64-bit I’m attempting to run a program on a remote Linux machine through ssh, and I want the GUI to appear on my local macOS laptop. When I execute ssh -v -X user@host or ssh -v -Y user@host, I receive two messages that may be worth noting: With -X … Read more