Dot dotdot dotdotdot as loading?

I wanna create some loading dots, like this: At 0000 miliseconds the span content is: . At 0100 miliseconds the span content is: .. At 0200 miliseconds the span content is: … In a loop. What is the best / easiest way to make it? Answer <span id=”wait”>.</span> <script> var dots = window.setInterval( function() { … Read more

Animated rgl graphs with knitr

I want to include animated rgl graphs in my .Rnw document through knitr. Here is my MWE: \documentclass{article} << label = setup, include = FALSE>>= opts_chunk$set(fig.path = ‘figure/’, cache = FALSE, dev = “pdf”, fig.align = ‘center’, = ‘hold’, fig.width = 3, fig.height = 3, echo = TRUE, warning = FALSE, message = FALSE, … Read more

How do you animate the height in react native when you don’t know the size of the content?

In react-native, how do you animate the size of a View when you dont know the size of it’s contents? Let’s say the View’s content height can be anywhere from 0-400pts, and the content can grow and shrink dynamically, and you want to animate any changes to the height. Basically, I’m looking to reproduce the … Read more

How many milliseconds do “slow”, “normal”, and “fast” represent in jQuery?

jQuery allows use of the string values “slow”, “normal”, and “fast” in animations (e.g.: $(‘#example’).fadeOut(‘slow’);). How many milliseconds do each of these values represent? Answer 600, 400 and 200, respectively “slow”, “normal”, “fast”. All in the docs AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Matt Huggins , Answer Author : dylanjha

Inline animations in Jupyter

I have a python animation script (using matplotlib’s funcAnimation), which runs in Spyder but not in Jupyter. I have tried following various suggestions such as adding “%matplotlib inline” and changing the matplotlib backend to “Qt4agg”, all without success. I have also tried running several example animations (from Jupyter tutorials), none of which have worked. Sometimes … Read more

Performance of CSS Transitions vs. JS animation packages

I’m wondering is there any difference in performance of using CSS Transitions vs. any of the various JavaScript animation libraries? (, scripty2, jsAnim, MooTools, $fx, etc). I’ve tried various tests in Safari and Chrome but I don’t actually see any difference. I thought that CSS Transitions were supposed to be hardware accelerated. Update: I’ve tried … Read more

How to change navigation animation using Flutter

Is there any way to change the default animation when navigating to/from a page in Flutter? Answer You can use PageRouteBuilder. The following example shows FadeTransition when you navigate to a second screen. Navigator.push( context, PageRouteBuilder( pageBuilder: (c, a1, a2) => Page2(), transitionsBuilder: (c, anim, a2, child) => FadeTransition(opacity: anim, child: child), transitionDuration: Duration(milliseconds: 2000), … Read more