How do I maintain visual crispness in a small (50×50) logo?

I’m not sure whether it’s due to antialiasing or something else, but the logo and Twitter icon on my site look blurry, especially on mobile: The logo source was a 512×512 PSD which I resized and tried saving as both PNG and JPG. I also threw together an AI vector of the logo just … Read more

making sharp pixel perfect curves in illustrator

I’m trying to export a vector graphic to a png with full transparent alpha channel but i noticed that all around the edge of the curves the pixels are blended semi tranparent. I need full opaque cut next to full alpha. At first i thought it was export settings but then when i turned on … Read more

How do I export an SVG from Illustrator such that it renders well in small sizes?

I come from a Photoshop background and this is my first time dabbling with AI. I would like to show my product logo in a small size on a webpage (about 15px height). I currently have a PNG (created in Photoshop) but the font is quite choppy. I am assuming it has to do with … Read more

Change to Art-Optimized Supersampling in Illustrator

I was wondering if it’s possible to change my viewing in Illustrator to art-optimized supersampling, instead of the type-optimized anti-aliasing that is default. I’m not talking about the exporting of a file and changing the option there. I’m talking about viewing and working on artwork IN Illustrator. I know there is an option in Preferences … Read more