File Management advice needed (Adobe Lightroom Classic)

I’m finally getting around to moving my old Aperture library (~150,000 images) into Lightroom Classic and need a bit of advice regarding file management. Here is my scenario: All of my images (from my current LR catalog and my Aperture library) were in a PHOTO_MASTERS folder, which is organzied by Year/Month (2021/01, 2021/02, etc) Over … Read more

When syncing photos to iPhone or iPad through iTunes from Aperture, it syncs the wrong (original) versions. Why?

I have an album, let’s call it “Europe Trip 2011” within which, in Aperture, I have done at least some degree of editing to all of its pictures (exposure, saturation, curves, etc). As we all know, Aperture works off of “versions” of a file. So, my edited photos are all newer versions of the original. … Read more

ZEVO ZFS and Aperture

I’ld like to use ZEVO (ZFS) on my Storage-Device. There shall the Aperture-Library be stored. Are there any issues using an Aperture – Library on ZFS formatted device. Thanks allot Answer You can’t run an Aperture Library from a device that’s not formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled). What can work is running a Referenced … Read more

Aperture : unreadable JPEG on Mountain Lion

After upgrading to Mountain Lion, some pictures in my Aperture library are unreadable. Aperture says the format isn’t supported. I made some test and noticed that even the Finder, QuickLook or Preview can’t read the picture either. However, Photoshop and Xee open it just fine. It appears that system libraries can’t read those pictures. With … Read more