Mid 2014 Macbook Swollen after High Sierra / What should I do?

This discovery came after my latest question: High Sierra’s External Display bug heats Macbook’s, damaged my Retina Screen, what can I do? I use my macbook on a stand with good airflow, after High Sierra, I noticed unusual high heating along with poor gpu performance, afterwards I noticed screen damage, and now, I discovered that … Read more

Ram problem even if they pass the apple hardware test?

After updating the ram 2 x 8 GB (CT2KIT102464BF160B) the mac mini late 2012 have started various kernel panic, doing the Apple Harware Test to verify the modules the ram is ok, everything is ok. So the crashes should not depend on the ram, but by putting the original modules back, everything goes back to … Read more

MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015): SSD replacement

I would like to replace my 256GB storage with a drive having more space, and not less efficient in terms of read/write speed. I was thinking about something like Samsung Pro drives with M.2 interface. But I am not sure if MacBook uses standard interface for this purpose. So my question is, which drives/memory chips … Read more

Macbook pro 13 2017 model. screen is very delicate. are screeen replacements reliable?

so i closed my space grey 2017 macbook pro 13″ ( i opted for the model without the touch bar) after a lecture and was going to put it in my backpack , but when i closed it, the edge of my zip up hoodie got caught in the macbook (picture the macbook eating my … Read more