Apple Remote Desktop- How to send Terminal Command to Networked computers

I’m hoping that you can help me with creating a unix script for sending a terminal command through ARD to multiple networked computers. I’m hoping to disable air drop on a set of 36 lab computers at my school. I can definitely manually enter the script below to turn off air drop, but it would … Read more

why can’t I use macOS’s builtin screen sharing to connect to a Windows machine running realvnc server

Can somebody please explain why I cannot use macOS’s builtin screen sharing app to connect to Windows machines running the RealVNC server? I can only connect to them using the RealVNC viewer. Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : WalterBeiter , Answer Author : Community

How to prevent Safari from stopping downloads when sleeping?

I am using macOS Server to host files on a website. I often need to download large files to the server to host them myself. Because I do not usually have physical access to the server, I use the default Screen Sharing app In macOS from a different mac into the server (VNC). From there … Read more

Microsoft RDP 10 File Transfer – Specifically .mtw files in Minitab 17

Does anyone know how to open files from Mac in Microsoft Remote Desktop 10? I’m specifically looking to open .mtw in Minitab 17. I tried changing the folder to my “Macintosh HD” folder and also tried using the specific folder from “My Documents” but it still doesn’t show up when I’m using Windows through RDP. … Read more

Unable to open “Remote Desktop Protocol” (RDP) URLs from command-line

I am unable to open RDP URLs from the command-line. Whenever I try to open RDP URL from command line by executing the following: open rdp://localhost/ or any other IP address, I get the following error: The URL is not valid. Notify your network administrator. I am able to connect to the host using Microsoft … Read more

Unable to login to iMac after successful ARD/VNC connection

I enabled Apple Remote Desktop on an iMac, and I’m trying to use it from a Ubuntu machine with Remmina Remote Desktop Client. I configured the connection to use SSH tunneling. I can connect successfully to the mac over the Internet; The login screen of the Mac is displayed; I enter my password on the … Read more

Virtual Machine vs. Remote Desktop performance on 2012 MBPr

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remote desktop from iMac 5k and Windows 10 1080p into Windows 10 virtual machine resolution problems

I work from home a couple days a week. At home, I have an iMac 5k and use Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.3 on the iMac to remote into my company workstation which is a Windows 10 virtual machine. I utilize the “optimize for retina display” setting within microsoft remote desktop. I also commute into the … Read more