How to check whether a sentence is correct (simple grammar check in Python)?

How to check whether a sentence is valid in Python? Examples: I love Stackoverflow – Correct I Stackoverflow love – Incorrect Answer There are various Web Services providing automated proofreading and grammar checking. Some have a Python library to simplify querying. As far as I can tell, most of those tools (certainly After the Deadline … Read more

Examples of LL(1), LR(1), LR(0), LALR(1) grammars?

Is there a good resource online with a collection of grammars for some of the major parsing algorithms (LL(1), LR(1), LR(0), LALR(1))? I’ve found many individual grammars that fall into these families, but I know of no good resource where someone has written up a large set of example grammars. Does anyone know of such … Read more

Is D’s grammar really context-free?

I’ve posted this on the D newsgroup some months ago, but for some reason, the answer never really convinced me, so I thought I’d ask it here. The grammar of D is apparently context-free. The grammar of C++, however, isn’t (even without macros). (Please read this carefully!) Now granted, I know nothing (officially) about compilers, … Read more

Why is the separator in a TypeScript TypeMemberList semicolon as opposed to comma?

This is a typescript interface: interface A { l: { x: string; y:number } } But this (similar thing) produces an error: interface A { l: { x: string, y:number } } // => Error: ‘;’ expected. On p.37 of the spec: I see that indeed it is specified that a ; should appear … Read more

CSS set background-image by data-image attr

I have sort of elements with this pattern: <div data-image=”{imageurl}” …></div> I want to set this elements background-image to data-image. I test this CSS code: div[data-image] { border: 2px solid black; background-image: attr(data-image url); } border show correctly but nothing happened for background How can do I fix this code only with css (not js … Read more

How can I replace a window’s URL hash with another response?

I am trying to change a hashed URL (document.location.hash) with the replace method, but it doesn’t work. $(function(){ var anchor = document.location.hash; //this returns me a string value like ‘#categories’ $(‘span’).click(function(){ $(window).attr(‘url’).replace(anchor,’#food’); //try to change current url.hash ‘#categories’ //with another string, I stucked here. }); }); I dont want to change/refresh page, I just want … Read more

difference between prop() and attr() in jQuery and when to use attr() and prop() [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: .prop() vs .attr() (18 answers) Closed 8 years ago. I saw in some places .attr() is used in jQuery.In some places .prop() is used.But i searched in SO and google i am very confused .Please tell me the exact difference between these two and when to use them. I … Read more