How to download the .mov for later viewing?

I would like to download the keynote speech on so that when Apple remove the video later, I can still watch it later… but there seems to be no easy way, except if I buy the Pro version of QuickTime? some meta file shows these addresses, but the first one will save as a … Read more

Can QuickTime Pro convert .mpg to .mov?

I am thinking about purchasing QuickTime Pro for Windows, but I have not been able to find a list of video file formats that it takes as input. Does QuickTime Pro for Windows convert .mpg files to .mov? Thank you! Answer It does. Here you can find a list of all the import and export … Read more

Can’t open mov files in QuickTime, but can do it in VLC

After reinstalling the operating system (OS X EL Capitan) I can’t open video files in .mov format. I can open them using VLC but I can’t open them in QuickTime and Adobe Premiere – what could be wrong? Maybe I need some codecs? Answer Here’s what Google says: According to the info in Apple official … Read more

Save .mov file with applescript

I’ve installed the Perian addon for Quicktime so it can open .flv files, and then I can save them as .m4v or .mov. I’m trying to make an Applescript to convert from .flv to .m4v automatically by using this tutorial and butchering their example applescript file, which normally converts ChemDraw files (.cdx, .cml, .mol) to … Read more

Error importing videos to Photos in Catalina: Unsupported resource set: video,xmp

I have several Photos libraries; my system library that’s synced with iCloud, and some additional libraries for things that I want to keep but don’t need to have available all the time. Here’s my workflow for getting photos into those libraries: Take photos and videos with my iPhone XS Max. Wait for them to appear … Read more