My MacBook Pro Shocks Me When I Connect It To A Three-Prong Charger

There are already many questions about how to solve a problem where touching a MacBook Pro while it is charging gives one an electric shock. In most of cases, connecting a three-prong extension to the charger and using it seems to solve the problem (since that allows the MacBook Pro to be properly “grounded” or … Read more

Fresh battery replacement already showing degradation

I have a 2019 MacBook Pro 15 inch running MacOS Catalina (10.15.6) which had the top case (battery) replaced in July 2020 due to significant battery degredation over the 1 year I had owned it. The battery health went from 100 % to 84% in just over 12 months. Since having that replaced, I noticed … Read more

Macbook air 2012, installed new battery, bottom of trackpad sounds loose/clicky now, ideas?

My other one couldn’t hold a charge well but didn’t look bloated at all to have warped anything in my system. All that was weird that happened was that I lost one of the bottom case screws (small ones), could this cause it? (I could get replacement from amazon). I’m going to go back in … Read more

How to prevent the battery capacity degrading using a PowerBook G4 with Ubuntu 16.04?

I have a 2005 PowerBook G4 which I dual-boot Mac OSX 10.5.8 and Ubuntu 16.04 XFCE. The ‘book runs both OSs quite well but I have noticed that using Ubuntu has the effect of reducing the battery capacity quite qucikly. For instance today, my aftermarket battery was showing “full” at 64% but after using Ubuntu … Read more

Macbook Pro says it’s charging but isn’t, both when plugged in and not plugged in

I plugged my macbook in when it was on 10% and noticed it said not charging, so I unplugged to try a different cable but noticed when it was unplugged it still had the battery with the charging icon, and said it was plugged in (which it wasn’t) but not charging. I restarted it but … Read more

Macbook Air Early-2015 Service Recommended Warning [duplicate]

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Trying to get 2015 MacBookPro with hosed hard drive(?) logic board(?) diagnosed / going again

My trusty 2105 15″ MacBookPro fritzed out when it hit zero battery while YouTube was streaming. The next morning I got a blinking folder at startup. I sent the harddrive to TTR Recovery but it was unrecoverable. There is now an Aura N SSD inside. I’m having serious trouble getting the computer back going/diagnosing what’s … Read more