Is there an algorithm for color mixing that works like mixing real colors?

The common mixing of RGB colors is very different from mixing colors for paintings, it’s mixing of light instead mixing of pigments. For example: Blue (0,0,255) + Yellow (255,255,0) = Grey (128,128,128) (It should be Blue + Yellow = Green) Is there any known algorithm for color mixing that works like mixing real colors? My … Read more

Expanding blended strokes in Illustrator

My question is different than this question. I have created a design with blended lines: And now I would like each of the intermediate steps between the two base strokes to become a stroke as well. “Flatten transparency” doesn’t work, because it only converts some lines, and it converts them to outlines so I have … Read more

How can I cycle through the Blending Modes in Adobe Illustrator? [duplicate]

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Unable to achieve long shadow effect in Illustrator [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: How would I replicate this long shadow image? [duplicate] (1 answer) Closed 7 years ago. I have read several guides on how to achieve the Long Shadow effect using Illustrator, I tried both using the Transform Effect and Blend Modes, however I fail achieve it using both. When … Read more

Hiding source layer after applying a layer style (bevel) in Photoshop / Advanced blending

I have a letter A (see left) as .ai file which has transparency set at 70% in Illustrator. In Photoshop I have a layer style Bevel & Emboss (see center) on this letter. Is it possible to hide the original layer (letter A) so that the final image shows only the applied layer style (see … Read more

How to isolate an object from its background when you have the isolated background already?

So I have multiple objects that are all on the same background but I only have them as flat images and also the background image alone, thought with some blending magic (“Difference”, “Color to alpha/transparency”, etc..) I would be able to isolate said objects from its background. But no luck on my part and googling … Read more

How to repeat Blend If ‘Underlying Layer’ Photoshop blending with a mask

I’m trying to repeat a Blend If ‘Underlying Layer’ blending with a mask. I have a background layer with some shapes and an orange layer: I set the dark levels of Blend If to 90/130: I’ve tried two ways: using levels (didn’t work, especially for cases when the little slider thing isn’t separated) and using … Read more