Remove a container disc partition without bootcamp and do a factory reset

This is similar to other questions on here but I’m a little out of my depth and would really appreciate the help. I was gifted a macbook pro that had previously been partitioned to also run windows from bootcamp, which I was told had been removed. There still appears to be remnants of this and … Read more

Why an error occurred when I run slmgr command in my Windows 10 Command Prompt?

I downloaded a fresh copy of Windows 10 ISO file named Win10_2004_English_x64.iso from the official Microsoft website. I installed it on my MacBook Air via Boot Camp Assitant. All process was successfully completed and it is running successfully. but… When I run slmgr command on Command Prompt It shows me the following error message (screenshot … Read more

After resize in partitions, OS X won’t boot

I apologise if I’m not providing enough information, as this is the first time I’m asking for help this way, please bear with me. 🙂 I resized partitions last night; windows kept complain about not having enough space, so I followed these instructions: Now, when I want to reboot, only windows shows up. Please … Read more

Cannot Write to Bootcamp After Installing Paragon NTFS for Mac

I ran a Windows 10 operating system on the bootcamp of my macbook pro 2015. However, after using that Windows system for a few years, it failed to boot (stuck at the logo) after an upgrade. I searched online and figured out a likely cause was due to corrupted hibernation file for the Windows system … Read more

Is it possible to use Boot Camp with Windows 10 from an external HDD?

I need to run Visual Studio on my MacBook Pro and I need Windows to do that. The easiest and well known way to install Windows on a Mac is by running the Boot Camp app on the Mac and let it do what’s necessary. The problem is that I don’t want to partition the … Read more

I cloned a Windows 10 laptop to an external SSD running on a pre-UEFI MacBook Air 2012

I have no audio on my MacBook Air under Windows 10. Also some other problems typical for pre-UEFI MacBooks. I’m going to try to fix through DSDT (whatever that is) following this tutorial. …or using a script called valor somebody made on an Apple forum But, they work through DSDT, and I took a file … Read more

Unallocated Space after BootCamp not restored to main HD

I am unable to reclaim 1 TB of Unallocated Space to my main HD. Neither Disk Utility or BC-Assistant succeeds in restoring it to a single partition. The underlying issue (after running sudo diskutil apfs resizecontainer disk1s2 0) seems to be the following: The process starts and fails, please is there anyway to get my … Read more

5GHz capable drivers for BCM94360CS on Windows 7

Background I’m running Windows 7 via bootcamp on my early 2015 Macbook Pro (via a separate guide: and had to jump through many hurdles to get this working. Everything works well for the most part other than the wifi. My card is a Broadcom BCM94360CS; I’ve tried numerous drivers but almost ALL of them … Read more