Correct behavior of EXIT and ERR traps when using `set -eu`

I’m observing some weird behavior when using set -e (errexit), set -u (nounset) along with ERR and EXIT traps. They seem related, so putting them into one question seems reasonable. 1) set -u does not trigger ERR traps Code: #!/bin/bash trap ‘echo “ERR (rc: $?)”‘ ERR set -u echo ${UNSET_VAR} Expected: ERR trap gets called, … Read more

Nested table of content designs

I’m using Bootstrap 4 for my websites layout, and recently wanted to create a nested Table of Content. Considering, I’d say this is about the look & feel aspect of web design; A nested table of content is basically a table of content with topics, subtopics, subsubtopics etc… So, here are my two concepts, … Read more

Why Bootstrap’s grid gutters in the middle are twice as large as on the edges?

The Grid System of the popular Bootstrap Framework creates column grid where the gap in the middle between columns is twice as large as the edge margins:,css,output Is there any reasons for this unequal spacing (as opposed to making all gaps of equal size)? Are there known design principles supporting this decision? Answer Bootstrap … Read more