How to make one side circular border of widget with flutter?

I’m trying to build one side circular border with Container widget in flutter. I have searched for it but can’t get any solution. Container( width: 150.0, padding: const EdgeInsets.all(20.0), decoration: BoxDecoration( // borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(30.0), /* border: Border( left: BorderSide() ),*/ color: Colors.white ), child: Text(“hello”), ), Answer Use BorderRadius.only and provide the sides return Center( … Read more

Drawing a filled rectangle with a border in android

Is there any way in Android to draw a filled rectangle with say a black border. My problem is that the canvas.draw() takes one paint object, and to my knowledge the paint object can’t have a different color for the fill and the stroke. Is there a way around this? Answer Try paint.setStyle(Paint.Style.FILL) and paint.setStyle(Paint.Style.STROKE). … Read more

CSS Border Not Working

I’ve been trying to get a border on either side of my white container. It’s just not showing. I’ve tried to put it in three different elements just in case! (see below). Any ideas on how to make it work? #wrapper { width:1000px; background:#F4F4F4; padding-top:5px; border: 3px #CDCDCD; overflow: auto; min-height: 100%; height: auto !important; … Read more

How to use border with Bootstrap

How can I solve this problem? When you add borders to a div, the div is not centered and the span12 class is not centered. I would like to center the div with the borders <div class=”row” > <div class=”span12″ style=”border: 2px solid black”> <div class=”row”> <div class=”span4″> 1 </div> <div class=”span4″> 2 </div> <div … Read more

How can I show only corner borders?

I’m wondering if it’s possible in CSS to make a border but only for corner. Something like this: **** **** * * * * CONTENT * * * * **** **** Answer Assuming <div id=”content”>CONTENT</div> and that CONTENT includes at least one HTML node. #content {position:relative} #content:before, #content:after, #content>:first-child:before, #content>:first-child:after { position:absolute; content:’ ‘; width:80px; … Read more

border-radius not working

I’m working on a basic div and for some peculiar reason, border-radius: 7px isn’t applying to it. .panel { float: right; width: 120px; height: auto; background: #fff; border-radius: 7px; // not working } Answer To whomever may have this issue. My problem was border-collapse. It was set to: border-collapse: collapse; I set it to: border-collapse: … Read more

border-radius + background-color == cropped border

Consider a div with the border-radius, border, and background-color CSS attributes applied: <div style=”background-color:#EEEEEE; border-radius:10px; border: 1px black solid;”> Blah </div> Now consider a similar layout but with the background-color specified in an inner-div: <div style=”border-radius:10px; border: 1px black solid;”> <div style=”background-color:#EEEEEE;”> Blah </div> </div> I’m dismayed by the fact that the background-color of the … Read more

Hover effect : expand bottom border

I’m trying to get a transition hover effect on border that the border expands on hover. h1 { color: #666; } h1:after { position: absolute; left: 10px; content: ”; height: 40px; width: 275px; border-bottom: solid 3px #019fb6; transition: left 250ms ease-in-out, right 250ms ease-in-out; opacity: 0; } h1:hover:after { opacity: 1; } <h1>CSS IS AWESOME</h1> … Read more