Where can I find the downloaded Catalina files to free up the disk space? [duplicate]

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Can’t connect to FTP with Catalina Beta

Since upgrading to Catalina Beta, FileZilla, Transmit & Finder software fails to connect to the remote host. FileZilla gives error: Status: Connection attempt failed with “EHOSTUNREACH – No route to host”, trying next address. Status: Connecting to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:21… Status: Connection attempt failed with “EHOSTUNREACH – No route to host”. The same credentials work on Macs … Read more

Call Shell script from Automator on Catalina

I created a Automator Program wich connect me with vpn an sets routes for split tunneling via Shell script. The Program works fine on Mojave – now with Catalina the call do shell script “sudo /Users/XXX/Desktop/routen_VPN.sh” with administrator privileges produces an error sh: /Users/XXX/Desktop/routen_VPN.sh: Operation not permitted Answer Now I have a solution that works … Read more

Get dictionary definition of words in spotlight in Catalina?

I just updated to macOS Catalina. Looks like I can’t type a word I don’t know the meaning of into spotlight and get its dictionary definition anymore, even though in System Preferences > Spotlight “Definition” is checked. How re-enable the functionality so that spotlight can be used like a dictionary? Answer It seems like the … Read more

If I upgrade to Mac OS Catalina can I skip the database upgrade for reminders to continue sharing

My girlfriend has an older iPhone that cannot be updated to iOS 13. I’ve avoided updating the reminders on my own iPhone so that we can continue to sync. I’d like to update to Catalina on my mac, but I don’t want to do it if it will prevent her from syncing with me. Can … Read more