Why aren’t handles showing up when I draw a rectangle, even though I’ve selected Show Bounding Box & Show Edges in Illustrator CC 2014?

I recently reinstalled Illustrator CC 2014 (have been working with it since it’s initial release) and suddenly, my rectangle shapes have no handles – I can’t select and resize with my selection tool. If I draw a circle, I have handles; an octagon, I have handles…it seems to only happen with the rectangles and rounded … Read more

Can I have a “Live” Navigator in Photoshop CC?

I record my work by capturing the navigator on a second monitor at 1920×1080. This is much easier on the eye at 16x speed because the screen isn’t shooting all over from zooms and panning. However, the navigator only updates when an action has finished. This means that long brush strokes add pauses to the … Read more

How can I transform patterns in Illustrator to simulate a perspective?

I am using rectangles filled with patterns to create the walls of a room. I have transformed the rectangles, to simulate perspective, but the patterns do not reflect these transformations – they remain constant. The method I am using: I create a rectangle and then fill it with a pattern. Then, I choose Object > … Read more

Automating file export with different colored objects and file names

I’ve been working with Illustrator CC 2014 on a floor map for a ~400 rooms building. To allow visitors to find rooms more quickly, I wanted to generate a series of images with highlighted rooms. The rooms are mostly rectangles with their object name corresponding with their room number. In short, I need some sort … Read more