A quick and reliable test for linear a nonlinear color response with a given application / hardware?

There is an insane amount of confusion between linear and non linear response to color mappings, it depends on the drivers, the software, the hardware, the settings in your applications, what kind of algorithms are being implemented and probably and infinite set of other things. Assuming that I can open an image or I’m in … Read more

Relationship between onscreen/printed CMYK and RGB

I edited a picture book using scribus, color management enabled, with CMYK TIFF images and corresponding profile as input. In principle my screen has been calibrated, though more than one year ago. I set the output : to PDFX-1a, for “printing”, with a CMYK print profile ; to PDF-1.5, for “web”, with a “compatible with Adobe RGB … Read more

Different display of colours in photoshop and illustrator while using the same color settings

Here I’m using the same color settings for both Illustrator and Photoshop and the same color for my shapes – #0441f0, but they look very different. Any ideas? Take a look at the screenshot. Left is Ai, right is PS: Answer From your screenshot, and going by the amount of dulling on the blue in … Read more

Is any quality lost when saving a flat RGB PSD as PNG?

Sometimes when I have a PSD I’m working on, and I flatten it and do an incremental save, I save as PNG instead of PSD because (1) the file can be opened even without Photoshop on another machine, (2) it is obvious that it’s flat from the file extension alone, and (3) PNG will result … Read more