Not using comic fonts on comic?

I am planning to make a scientific poster with the comic style. The idea is inspired of the comic poster from Michael Barton’s blog: Everything is fine. However I kinda feel that this font is not very suitable for poster, by which the viewers stand from a distance. On the opposite side, if I decide … Read more

What comic/graphic novel software allows you to dynamically draw/change panel shape?

Sorry if this is the wrong place — I saw a software advertised a month or so ago that demoed a user re-drawing panel shapes in the software itself. It was a very easy way to dynamically create a variety of panels — you just drew lines and the panels would snap to the closest … Read more

Arranging images, arrows, text and similar for research presentation

I am going to prepare presentation slides for a research presentation. Below I am showing an example of type of images people generally include in such presentations. The presentation has been prepared in Latex which I know to use. But, the image includes many discrete components, e.g., faces, arrows, and text, stitched together. I am … Read more

What’s the more appropriate way to introduce a “flashback” in a graphic novel, in terms of color, line strokes and panel shape?

i’m in the process of making a graphic novel together with a scriptwriter. We’re both at our first attempt in making a graphic novel although we are not new in drawing (me) and scripting (him). This is the first time that i have to deal with a “flashback” situation without explicitly stating FLASHBACK (or whatever … Read more

Why do most comics have uppercase text in their balloons?

While it’s well known in design that lowercase is easier to read. Answer I think you’re confusing legibility with readability. A face can be perfectly legible without being comfortable to read in long passages of text. Most display or decorative faces (assuming they’re legible in the first place) fall into that category. A good readable … Read more