cp –parents option on mac

On Linux, I have a –parents option available for the cp command so I can do cp –parents test/withintest/go.rb test2 http://www.gnu.org/software/coreutils/manual/html_node/cp-invocation.html On Mac, I do not have this option available. Is there a way to do this on Mac? Why is this option not available? PS. The purpose of –parents is the following: ‘–parents’ Form … Read more

How to tail all the log files inside a folder and subfolders?

In Linux, using the command tailf, how can I tail several log files that are inside a folder and in the subfolders? Answer To log all the files inside a folder, you can go to the folder and write tail -f *.log To add the subfolders to the tailf command, use tail -f **/*.log Of … Read more

How do I use Headless Chrome in Chrome 60 on Windows 10?

I’ve been looking at the following article about Headless Chrome: https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2017/04/headless-chrome I just upgraded Chrome on Windows 10 to version 60, but when I run either of the following commands from the command line, nothing seems to happen: chrome –headless –disable-gpu –dump-dom https://www.google.com/ chrome –headless –disable-gpu –print-to-pdf https://www.google.com/ And I’m running all of these commands … Read more

What is cp: cannot stat error in Unix, I get this error when trying to copy thing from one folder to another [closed]

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Rename Directory Name Before tar Happens

I have a directory e.g. /var/tmp/my-dir/ that I frequently compress with the following command: $ cd /var/tmp/ $ tar -zcf my-dir.tar.gz my-dir/* Later, when I untar my-dir.tar.gz, it’ll create my-dir/ in the current directory. It sounds like the my-dir directory is “wrapped” inside the tarball. Is there a tar option to rename my-dir to e.g. … Read more