Does the C preprocessor strip comments or expand macros first? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: In which step of compilation are comments removed? (2 answers) Closed 4 years ago. Consider this (horrible, terrible, no good, very bad) code structure: #define foo(x) // commented out debugging code // Misformatted to not obscure the point if (a) foo(a); bar(a); I’ve seen two compilers’ preprocessors generate different … Read more

What is the preferred method of commenting JavaScript objects and methods? [closed]

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Protect from fake reviews on Google Play [closed]

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How do I comment attributes inside an XML tag?

Is it possible to comment one or several attributes inside an XML tag? Something like /* */ from C. I have tried using <!– –>, but it was unsuccessful. <element attribute1=”value1″ attribute2=”value2″ <!– attribute3=”value3″ (commented value) –> > Answer No, this isn’t possible. Comments are not allowed in an XML open tag. Depending on your … Read more