Difference between HTTPS and SSL

What is the difference between HTTPS and SSL? I read about them and found following: HTTPS: HTTPS is a combination of HTTP with SSL/TLS. It means that HTTPS is basically HTTP connection which is delivering the data secured using SSL/TLS. SSL: SSL is a secure protocol that works on the top of HTTP to provide … Read more

Can Selenium interact with an existing browser session?

Does anybody know if Selenium (WebDriver preferably) is able to communicate with and act through a browser that is already running before launching a Selenium Client? I mean if Selenium is able to comunicate with a browser without using the Selenium Server (with could be an Internet Explorer launched manually for example). Answer This is … Read more

Can two applications listen to the same port?

Can two applications on the same machine bind to the same port and IP address? Taking it a step further, can one app listen to requests coming from a certain IP and the other to another remote IP? I know I can have one application that starts off two threads (or forks) to have similar … Read more

How to convey the specifics of animation mockups to developers

The developer at my studio is pushing me to create more compelling/interactive mockups of websites. We are at a total loss as to how I can communicate the specifics of the animations in these mockups to our developers. Here are a few example sites that sort of do the animations that I am envisioning: https://www.culturallyconnected.ca/ … Read more

Rebranding announcement timing

I’ve been searching all over the web about the Rebranding Announcement strategy and was not able to get to a solid conclusion about whether or not to make the Rebranding announcement before the rebranding itself. My question is, is it beneficial or not at all recommended to make a rebranding announcement before it is effective. … Read more

How can I visually represent and make a good contrast between Mechanical Stairs and fixed stairs?

The title says pretty much it. But here a little more context: There’s a EXIT sign I want to improve. I should look something like this: Fixed stairs <= EXIT => Mechanical Stairs My questions: 1) How can I represent graphically and unequivocally the two type of stairs? 2) Should I place just graphics, just … Read more

What are some good “mocking-up” practices in web design?

A friend of mine and I have been trying to start up a web design company, so we’re looking to find the most efficient overall web-design process straight off the block. However after reading a few articles on creating mock ups, I’m getting the impression that it is potentially a very wasteful process. I was … Read more

What is a quick and concise way to explain online font licensing to a customer?

Customers are usually proud of their (offline) identities. As webdesigner, I regularly find myself having to explain that I can’t legally use their licensed font in their webdesign. When I do, it always ends up as either a long e-mail or me talking to them on the phone, knowing I lost them halfway through. Is … Read more