What are good algorithms for vehicle license plate detection? [closed]

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Logo recognition in images [closed]

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Camera position in world coordinate from cv::solvePnP

I have a calibrated camera (intrinsic matrix and distortion coefficients) and I want to know the camera position knowing some 3d points and their corresponding points in the image (2d points). I know that cv::solvePnP could help me, and after reading this and this I understand that I the outputs of solvePnP rvec and tvec … Read more

Classification of detectors, extractors and matchers

I am new to opencv and trying to implement image matching between two images. For this purpose, I’m trying to understand the difference between feature descriptors, descriptor extractors and descriptor matchers. I came across a lot of terms and tried to read about them on the opencv documentation website but I just can’t seem to … Read more

Convert RGB to Black & White in OpenCV

I would like to know how to convert an RGB image into a black & white (binary) image. After conversion, how can I save the modified image to disk? Answer AFAIK, you have to convert it to grayscale and then threshold it to binary. 1. Read the image as a grayscale image If you’re reading … Read more

Converting an OpenCV Image to Black and White

How do you convert a grayscale OpenCV image to black and white? I see a similar question has already been asked, but I’m using OpenCV 2.3, and the proposed solution no longer seems to work. I’m trying to convert a greyscale image to black and white, so that anything not absolutely black is white, and … Read more