how to do a conditional decorator in python

Is it possible to decorator a function conditionally. For example, I want to decorate the function foo() with a timer function (timeit) only doing_performance_analysis is True (see the psuedo-code below). if doing_performance_analysis: @timeit def foo(): “”” do something, timeit function will return the time it takes “”” time.sleep(2) else: def foo(): time.sleep(2) Answer Decorators are … Read more

If-less programming (basically without conditionals) [closed]

Closed. This question does not meet Stack Overflow guidelines. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Stack Overflow. Closed 3 years ago. Improve this question I’ve had a colleague that told me he once worked for a company that had as a policy to … Read more

Conditional JOIN Statement SQL Server

Is it possible to do the following: IF [a] = 1234 THEN JOIN ON TableA ELSE JOIN ON TableB If so, what is the correct syntax? Answer I think what you are asking for will work by joining the Initial table to both Option_A and Option_B using LEFT JOIN, which will produce something like this: … Read more

How to check if matching text is found in a string in Lua?

I need to make a conditional that is true if a particular matching text is found at least once in a string of text, e.g.: str = “This is some text containing the word tiger.” if string.match(str, “tiger”) then print (“The word tiger was found.”) else print (“The word tiger was not found.”) How can … Read more

Python conditional assignment operator

Does a Python equivalent to the Ruby ||= operator (“set the variable if the variable is not set”) exist? Example in Ruby : variable_not_set ||= ‘bla bla’ variable_not_set == ‘bla bla’ variable_set = ‘pi pi’ variable_set ||= ‘bla bla’ variable_set == ‘pi pi’ Answer I’m surprised no one offered this answer. It’s not as “built-in” … Read more

Project reference conditional include with multiple conditions

Here’s a snippet from my csproj file: <ProjectReference Include=”..\program_data\program_data.csproj” Condition=”‘$(Configuration)’==’Debug'”> <Project>{4F9034E0-B8E3-448E-8794-CF9B9A5E7D46}</Project> <Name>program_data</Name> </ProjectReference> What I’d like to do is include program_data.dll for multiple build configurations, for example, both Release and Debug. I tried doing the following Condition=”‘$(Configuration)’==’Debug’ || ‘$(Configuration)’==’Release'” but Visual Studio chokes on this. Is there a way I can do this, or must … Read more

How do I use properly CASE..WHEN in MySQL

Here is a demo query, notice it is very simple, Fetches only where base_price is 0, And still, it chooses the condition 3: SELECT CASE course_enrollment_settings.base_price WHEN course_enrollment_settings.base_price = 0 THEN 1 WHEN course_enrollment_settings.base_price<101 THEN 2 WHEN course_enrollment_settings.base_price>100 AND course_enrollment_settings.base_price<201 THEN 3 ELSE 6 END AS ‘calc_base_price’, course_enrollment_settings.base_price FROM course_enrollment_settings WHERE course_enrollment_settings.base_price = 0 base_price … Read more

Dart null / false / empty checking: How to write this shorter?

This is my code for true on everything but empty string, null and false: if (routeinfo[“no_route”] == “” || routeinfo[“no_route”] == null || routeinfo[“no_route”] == false) { // do sth … } This is my code for true on everything but empty string, null, false or zero: if (routeinfo[“no_route”] == “” || routeinfo[“no_route”] == null … Read more