%i or %d to print integer in C using printf()?

I am just learning C and I have a little knowledge of Objective-C due to dabbling in iOS development, however, in Objective-C I was using NSLog(@”%i”, x); to print the variable x to the console however I have been reading a few C tutorials and they are saying to use %d instead of %i. printf(“%d”, … Read more

Chrome console shows me “Navigated to http://localhost….”

Chrome console shows me “Navigated to http://localhost….” in blue letters Image: Answer This is a feature on chrome to separate between page logs, when you have the “preserve logs” option checked. It shouldn’t show up if you uncheck that box and reload the page. It’s just telling you that the browser change to another page. … Read more

jQuery: Clearing Form Inputs

I have tried to different ways to clear a form: <form action=”service.php” id=”addRunner” name=”addRunner” method=”post”> First Name: <input type=”text” name=”txtFirstName” id=”txtFirstName” /><br /> Last Name: <input type=”text” name=”txtLastName” id=”txtLastName” /><br /> Gender: <select id=”ddlGender” name=”ddlGender”><option value=””>–Please Select–</option> <option value=”f”>Female</option> <option value=”m”>Male</option> </select><br /> Finish Time: <input type=”text” name=”txtMinutes” id=”txtMinutes” size=”10″ maxlength=”2″>(Minutes) <input type=”text” name=”txtSeconds” id=”txtSeconds” … Read more

UrlEncode through a console application?

Normally I would just use: HttpContext.Current.Server.UrlEncode(“url”); But since this is a console application, HttpContext.Current is always going to be null. Is there another method that does the same thing that I could use? Answer Try this! Uri.EscapeUriString(url); Or Uri.EscapeDataString(data) No need to reference System.Web. Edit: Please see another SO answer for more… AttributionSource : Link … Read more