Replacing unibody MacBook trackpad contact

The trackpad for my 2010 MacBook works perfectly except the small, round, metal contact push spring that registers clicks is sprung. Tightening the screw underneath the trackpad fixes it but, as it is tightened, there is less margin to click. Does anyone know if I can find a push contact anywhere? I’ve tried searching online … Read more

Changing phones from iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone X leaves many contacts unsync’d

I used the backup/restore via iTunes to set up my new iPhone X. It’s missing hundreds of my contacts. I use iCloud to store my contacts, photos, etc, but alas they are not all sync’d. Is there a workaround to this? Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Mike L , Answer Author : … Read more

Contacts application doesn’t open on High Sierra 10.13.2

I’ve just updated to 10.12.2 and now does not open, it just shows a spinning beachball, requiring a Force Quit. I have already tried without success: restarting logging into a newly created user with admin privileges deleting the directory ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook turning off Contacts for iCloud In the Console, I don’t see any errors … Read more

How can I move/copy contacts from Exchange to Google within Contacts?

I’m using the Contacts app on my iPhone, some of my contacts are synced with a corporate exchange account, some with my private Google account. I want to ensure all contacts are synced with Google account as I might loose those who are added with exchange account when I leave the company. How can I … Read more

In, how can I set a recipient’s default email address?

When typing a recipient’s name in the “To:” field, will bring up an autocomplete menu showing all email addresses for that recipient (e.g., Home and Work). If I don’t pay attention and just hit Enter or Tab to autocomplete the recipients name, picks the first address. Is there a way to choose the … Read more

iPhone iOS 12.0 update will not sign into Apple ID, cannot access App Store or sync contacts from Gmail

I updated my iPhone to iOS 12 and noticed first that all my contacts no longer syncing from my Gmail account. I also cannot access the App Store. In Settings I have tried multiple times to sign in with my Apple ID but it just doesn’t work. I have restarted my device multiple times. There … Read more