How to Best Create Templates for Clients to edit the content/copy

The Big Question What is the best (possibly a software application) to create Documents (e.g PDF Brochures, Business Portfolios, Annual Reports etc)so that a client can edit the text content? My Problem I have a client who often needs me to make small content changes to brochures – as his company grows and gains new … Read more

Is there a way to mass delete text without deleting the text frames in Indesign?

I’m trying to delete text in non-linked text frames without having to individually click inside each one, select all, and delete. Is there a faster way of doing this? Answer Yes — but since it requires multiple text frames to be selected, it can only work on a single spread. You cannot select items ‘across’ … Read more

What is the general process for planning and developing a new website?

I work at an agency mostly focused in software development however sometimes a microsite is accessory to one of our solutions and we need to build it. I’m trying to define the process for creating these websites but I don’t know in which order each task is commonly done and specially I’m trying to figure … Read more

Light text on a dark background vs. dark text on a light background: which allows the reader to keep focusing for longer?

I did not want to get to the endless war of dark-on-light vs light-on-dark, but recently I discovered something interesting: while light-on-dark text is still less tiring for my eyes (and I also personally prefer it more), dark-on-light seemed to do better on holding my attention on the content of the text; in other words … Read more